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Welcome To The Magical World Of Abstract Art!

Experience the dynamic richness of time travel on canvas

Hand Painted Abstract Art With A Touch Of Luxury

Tanvi, an MBA Graduate, quickly realized that her preferred professional path did not involve spreadsheets & PPTs but rather intricate canvases & Interesting art tools. She works as a full-time, self-employed abstract painter in her Pune home Studio.


Tanvi Kulshreshtha’s work is an abundance of colour and dynamism that vibrates off the canvas bringing positive energy to her viewers. She works with mixed media, utilising a broad range of tools and textures to create works that inspire and energies. Kulshreshtha brings together the glory of daily sights in majestic Rajasthan, diverse Bangalore and peaceful Pune, where she is settled now, with an expansive internal visual world. In making her work she goes into a deep meditation on the process, generating a perfect balance of abstract imagery and pattern, luminous colour fields and intriguing textures


Kulshreshtha’s paintings are a window onto a glittering collection of symbols and shapes, with each composition leading your eye through a journey of organic, architectural and script-like forms. Each one makes an uplifting statement and brings joy into the room through its delight in pattern and exquisite contemporary colour palette. Her work carefully juxtaposes tones and hues which create scintillating viewing when brought together, making her paintings magically absorbing.


Each piece works as a single burst of communication, a finely crafted line of poetry. The cohesion in her oeuvre, where each work finds progression and lineage from the last, makes for exciting opportunities to group and curate her work. Each piece placed together expands the poetry, creating a sonnet within your home.

Explore The Collection of Original Abstract Paintings By Tanvi. 

Explore the Collection

Think Grand & Magnificent!

Avni Goel, Gurugram

No wonder she is the artist of choice for many renowned interior designers since her paintings sit as happily in Minimal settings as in the luxurious and grandiose. Her Artwork added an oomph to our project!

Arun Sheth & Co, Mumbai

Everyone is talking about our sample flats after installation of Tanvi's 'Harmony' series. We just loved it!

Ogling Inches, Pune

Tanvi’s use of line, texture and high-spirited colours recall the work of Gerhard Richter’s abstract works and the action paintings of Jackson Pollock.

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Why Tanvi Art Originals

1 / 100% Genuine And Hand Painted 

I personally craft each artwork, dedicating meticulous attention to fine details, whether acrylic, mixed media, or oil

2 / Fair Pricing 

I price my work based on effort, time, and emotional value it entails

3 / Widest Variety

Find custom options tailored to your taste, size, and preferences, all conveniently in one place

4 / 50+ works sold

I've built a loyal clientele who regularly purchase, creating joy and adding value to their spaces

5 / Uniqueness

Each artwork embodies its own emotion, color palette, and personality, making it truly unique

6 / Best Reviewed 

My pieces have been widely discussed and acclaimed as one the finest abstract art available in the market

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